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The eccentric souls of
Wicked History Tours

At Wicked History Tours, our team is the pulsing heart of our unique venture. Each guide is not just a storyteller; they are a living embodiment of the rich, diverse tapestry that is New Orleans. What sets us apart is not just our knowledge of the city's history but our intimate connection with its hidden stories and forgotten paths.

Our guides are a rare collection of characters - from Mistress G, the Crass Chronicler of the Crescent City, who weaves a vivid tapestry of the city's mystical and historical narratives, to Michael Bill, the Southern Spirit Whisperer, whose passion for the paranormal is matched only by his deep knowledge of Voodoo practices. We also have Yahyah, A.K.A. Black Cat, the Enchantress of Treme's Rhythms and Realms, whose blend of cultural heritage, martial arts, and musical talent captures the soul of New Orleans. 

Our uniqueness lies in our authenticity and diversity. Each guide brings their own flavor of storytelling, infused with personal experiences and specialized knowledge. We don't just guide tours; we offer immersive experiences that delve into the grit, gore, and glamour of New Orleans. We embrace the uncensored and the unvarnished, ensuring our guests experience a side of the city that's raw and real.

We're more than a tour company; we're a family of like-minded souls united in our passion for revealing the true spirit of New Orleans. Our commitment to authenticity, inclusivity, and unfiltered storytelling makes us a beacon for those seeking an experience beyond the ordinary.

Join us at Wicked History Tours, where every tour is a journey into the heart of New Orleans' darkest corners and brightest tales.

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Mistress G

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Mistress G

"The Crass Chronicler of the Crescent City"

Enter the captivating world of Georgianna, known affectionately as Mistress G, a beacon of magic and mystery in the heart of New Orleans. As a tour guide extraordinaire, magical witchy priestess, Reiki Master, professional teacher, Life Coach, and Tantra educator for women, Georgianna embodies the multifaceted spirit of this enigmatic city.

Georgianna's love affair with New Orleans began as a graduate student in Cultural Anthropology, where her studies in folklore and ritual healing practices around the world led her to the city’s mystical doorstep. New Orleans, with its soul-stirring charm, soon wove its way into her heart, setting the stage for a lifelong romance.

Once destined for academia, Georgianna's path took a thrilling detour. Her adventures spanned the globe, from teaching in international classrooms to immersing herself in diverse cultures. Eventually, the allure of New Orleans called her back, leading her to teach high school in the city that had captured her heart.

But the spirited, bold, and fearless nature of Mistress G yearned for a platform free from the constraints of traditional teaching. She transitioned from the classroom to the streets, becoming a 5-star guide and a pivotal force in shaping the narratives of New Orleans' largest tour companies. Her expertise in crafting engaging experiences and training manuals has left an indelible mark on the industry.

Tired of the misogyny and narcissism prevalent in larger companies, Georgianna envisioned a different path - creating Wicked History Tours as a boutique experience that champions a culture of inclusion and uncensored storytelling. Here, she lets her wings soar, offering an unrivaled, intimate glimpse into the magic, history, and lore of her beloved city.

Notorious for her wooden spoon, known to leave a memorable impression (and perhaps a light spanking) on those who encounter her, Georgianna's presence is as unforgettable as the city itself. Her classes in Reiki, massage, Tantra, and magic further illustrate her dedication to spreading healing and empowerment.

With Georgianna, or Mistress G, as your guide, prepare to embark on a journey where history, magic, and empowerment converge. Experience New Orleans through her eyes - a city not just to be seen, but to be felt deeply, passionately, and unapologetically.

Michael Bill


The Sassy Seer of the South

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Michael Bill
"Ghost Hunter Extraordinaire"

Embark on a spectral journey with Michael Bill, our charismatic guide whose Southern charm and queer flair light up the French Quarter's shadowy corners. Originating from the heart of Alabama, Michael Bill's rich Southern accent isn't just a manner of speech—it's an enchanting melody, adding an authentic and mesmerizing layer to the haunting tales of New Orleans.

Michael's expertise in the supernatural is recognized far and wide. He's not only studied demonology under Bishop Briggs of Maryland, who trained at the Vatican, but his exceptional skills have also earned him a spotlight in the prestigious Vogue Magazine alongside Elle Fanning. His experience and charisma have made him a leading figure in the paranormal world for over a decade.

A true master of the otherworldly, Michael Bill is a professional paranormal investigator, akin to a real-life ghostbuster. His adventures and insights have been featured on the Travel Channel’s "Haunted USA" in Aleena Vamp’s show "Ghosted," where his expertise shone brightly. His approach to the supernatural is deeply rooted in ITC research, using cutting-edge technology to communicate with spirits.

But Michael’s connection to the unseen world is not just technical; it's spiritual. He is a revered white Voodoo Priest, initiated by local legends Sallie Ann Glasman and Hougan Papa Edgar, and seamlessly blends this practice with his Catholic faith, embodying the unique spiritual tapestry of New Orleans.

With Michael Bill as your guide, you're not just exploring ghost stories; you're delving into the heart of the city's paranormal legacy, guided by a voice that Vogue and the Travel Channel have celebrated. Let his Southern lilt and captivating tales lead you through a world where history and the supernatural intertwine, offering an experience only the bravest dare to face.



The Enchantress of Treme's Rhythms and Realms


"Black Cat"

Venture into the heart of New Orleans with Yahyah, known affectionately as "Black Cat," a figure as mystical as the city itself. Born and raised in the historic Treme neighborhood, the oldest African American community in the nation, Yahyah is a living embodiment of her rich cultural heritage. Her passion for the history and stories of her people resonates in every word she speaks.

Black Cat is not just a guide; she's a guardian of traditions and tales. With a background in Anthropology and music, she weaves a captivating narrative that is both educational and enchanting. Her voice, trained in the art of song, carries the melody of Treme's soulful past, echoing the rhythms that have pulsed through the streets for generations.

But there's more to Black Cat than meets the eye. She identifies as a witch's familiar, a mystical connection that manifests in her craft of creating magical crystal jewelry. Each piece is not just an adornment but a talisman, imbued with stories and energies of the land.

In her martial arts prowess, particularly in capoeira and her specialization with nunchucks, Black Cat embodies the spirit of a warrior. She's a fierce protector, ready to kick ass for anyone threatening her group or disrupting the sanctity of her tours. This blend of mystical grace and martial skill makes her a unique presence, a symbol of strength and protection.

Join Black Cat on a journey through the vibrant streets of Treme and the French Quarter. Experience the tales of resilience, spirit, and magic that are the heartbeat of New Orleans. With her, every step is a dance with history, every word a spell of wisdom. Black Cat doesn't just tell stories; she invites you into them, into a world where the past is alive and every shadow has a song.

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