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Welcome to the Wicked History Tours™ Online Shop, where the eerie essence of New Orleans comes to life in every item. Delve into our curated collection of merchandise, short stories, and affiliate products, each infused with the city's notorious charm and dark allure. From bewitching apparel to captivating tales that transport you to the heart of the French Quarter, our shop is a treasure trove for those enchanted by the macabre and the mystical. Explore our selection and immerse yourself in the sinister magic and decadent wickedness that only New Orleans can offer. Unearth your next dark delight with us.

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From bewitching apparel to spellbinding accessories, our items are a testament to the city's magical, macabre past. Unleash your inner rebel and carry a piece of New Orleans' infamous legacy wherever you go. Shop now only at Wicked History Tours.


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Ghost Hunting Equipment

Discover the tools of the trade for ghost hunting and paranormal exploration with Ghost Stop, America's premier destination for paranormal equipment.


As a top-rated retailer, Ghost Stop offers a wide range of high-quality gear and tools for enthusiasts and professionals alike. From EMF meters to spirit boxes, Ghost Stop provides everything you need to explore the supernatural.

At Wicked History Tours, we are proud to affiliate with Ghost Stop, offering our guests access to top-of-the-line paranormal equipment.


Whether you're joining us for a tour exploring the haunted history of New Orleans or conducting your own paranormal investigation, Ghost Stop provides the essential tools to enhance your experience and uncover the mysteries of the spirit world.

Click here explore their full range of products and start your paranormal journey today.

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