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This is a one-of-a-kind, uncensored, VIP tour experience for MATURE AUDIENCES through the most haunted, dark, and decadent city streets of New Orleans. 
(Most tours are
ADULTS ONLY. Children are allowed on private tours and morning tours. Please Check age restriction's before booking!)


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About Wicked History Tours

Our Essence

At Wicked History Tours, we pride ourselves on offering an experience like no other — raw, unfiltered, and steeped in the true essence of New Orleans' darkest histories and folklore. Our tours are crafted for those who embrace the gritty and the uncensored, for adults who seek stories beyond the ordinary.

No Room for the Faint-Hearted

This is a clear warning


Our tours are not for the squeamish, the prudish, or the easily offended. We delve into the most graphic, gory details that make the spine tingle and the heart race. Sensitive souls and 'Karen' types beware — our narratives are unapologetically bold and not watered down for the faint-hearted. We maintain a strict policy of no children on regular tours, ensuring an adult atmosphere where our tales can be told as they were meant to be — raw and unbridled.

A Spectrum of Shadows

Our narratives span the spectrum of the macabre and the mystical — from ghostly hauntings, Voodoo rituals, and vampire lore to tales of pirates, witchcraft, and true crime. We don't just scratch the surface; we plunge into the depths of gore, the occult, and the infamous 'whores' of New Orleans' past.

Visuals That Haunt

To enhance your journey with us, we present exclusive photos that breathe life into our stories, including chilling images of real ghosts captured on our tours. These visuals are not mere embellishments but windows into the spectral world we explore.

Intimate and Immersive

What truly sets Wicked History Tours apart is our commitment to an intimate, immersive experience. We keep our group sizes small, rejecting the impersonal nature of herding large crowds. This approach allows for a deeper connection between the guide, the story, and the listener. And though we no longer use equipment, our guides' vivid storytelling ensures that every word, every chilling detail, is heard and felt.

Join Us... If You Dare

For those brave enough to step into the shadows, Wicked History Tours promises an unforgettable journey through the haunting heart of New Orleans. We offer not just a tour, but a passage into the city's soul, where the line between history and horror blurs.

Are you ready to experience the true, unvarnished spirit of the Crescent City?
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