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NOLA'S #1 Adults Only Tour Experience

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Wicked History Tours

(No "Karen's" Allowed)

Delve into the Dark:

Gritty Stories and Gorey Secrets from New Orleans' Own Mystics and Enigmatic Locals

What Makes Us Special

Local Expert Guides

Our guides at Wicked History Tours™ are more than historians; they're storytellers and local experts who bring New Orleans' eerie history to life. With backgrounds in paranormal investigation, Voodoo, and theatrical performance, they offer enthralling, uncensored tours that reveal the city's darkest tales. Their expertise and passion make each journey a unique, adults-only adventure into the heart of the supernatural and the macabre.

Handpicked Adventures

Explore the depths of horror, gore, and the macabre with our handpicked adventures at Wicked History Tours™. Delve into ghost stories, vampire legends, and voodoo mysteries, uncovering a side of New Orleans steeped in witchcraft and true crime. Our tours are a deep dive into the uncensored history of the city, including the culturally rich Treme neighborhood, known for its pivotal role in African-American and Creole history. Each adventure is carefully crafted to reveal the most thrilling and chilling aspects of the Big Easy.

Smaller Groups

At Wicked History Tours™, we pride ourselves on offering smaller group sizes than our competitors, ensuring a more personalized and intimate tour experience. With us, you won't have to strain your ears yelling over large crowds. Instead, you'll enjoy a comfortable and engaging journey through the eerie streets of New Orleans. What's more, we tailor each tour to the interests of our guests, ensuring that your adventure with us is not only unique but also perfectly suited to your curiosity about the city's dark and mysterious past.

This Is Our Story

In the heart of New Orleans, where shadows whisper and the past never truly rests, our journey began. We, a band of passionate storytellers, emerged from the depths of corporate tour monotony, fueled by a vision far more vivid and raw. We are the soul, the spark, the unseen hands that weave the tapestry of New Orleans' enigmatic charm.

At Wicked History Tours, we've cast aside the veil of sanitized narratives to embrace the city's true spirit. Here, each cobblestone and corner tells a story - some of blood, some of bewitchment, all steeped in an allure that's as seductive as it is sinister.

Our team - a motley crew of the city's most authentic voices - includes witches, ghost hunters, voodoo practitioners, and members of secret vampire covens. We're not just guides; we are the gatekeepers of New Orleans' darkest secrets and most thrilling tales.

We invite you to a boutique experience like no other - intimate, unfiltered, and pulsating with the raw energy of the Crescent City. Our history is a tapestry woven with threads of horror and splendor, a history more chilling than fiction and folklore that fuels nightmares and dreams alike.

Join us at the front lines of the unknown. Delve into the heart of the magic, the mystery, the culture. Uncover the horrifying truths and bewitching myths that Hollywood can only dream of emulating.

This is New Orleans, UNCENSORED. A city where every shadow has a story, every gust of wind carries a long-lost whisper. At Wicked History Tours, we don't just tell stories; we summon them from the very soul of the city. Are you ready to experience the real, unvarnished New Orleans?


The journey awaits.

Our Tours


Adult's Only 5-in-1:

Wicked History, Ghost, Vampire, Voodoo & Witchcraft

AGES 21+

2 hours


(Maximum Group 15 people)

Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun 4:00 pm

NIGHTLY 7:00 pm


Uncensored Wicked History Private Tour


(Children welcome, but we are tawdry)

2 hours - choose you content

Limit 28 people/guide


Call to book


New Orleans Voodoo, Hoodoo & Witchcraft

Mature Audiences Only

2 hours

$30/ person

(Maximum Group 15 people)

Saturdays/Sundays 1:00 pm

Coming Soon
Psychopath murder with an axe.jpg

True Crime, Whores & Gore

AGES 21+

2 hours


(Maximum Group 15 people)

Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun 5:00 pm


VIP Private Group Haunts & Horrors Pub Crawl

AGES 21+

3 hours

Limit 28 people

$600 (drinks not included in price)

Call to book


Shadows and Jazz:

The Untold Chronicles of Treme


(Children welcome, but we are tawdry)

2 hours


(Maximum Group 15 people)

Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun 11:00 am


Queer Chronicles, Kinks & Storyville Seduction:

The Sultry Side of New Orleans

AGES 21+

2 hours


(Maximum Group 15 people)

Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays 8:00 pm

Coming Soon



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Home: Testimonials

"Best tour guide we had in NOLA! She was funny, personal, knowledgeable, and made the experience memorable! The group was small and intimate. Highly recommend this experience over the other over-hyped overbooked tours."

Michael - McMinnville, OR

"This was hands down the best tour! We had a blast and absolutely will be coming back in the spring for the new tour experience launch. This tour is FUN and the gris-gris bags at the start were a special touch. We passed several other larger tours and everyone looked so bored. Meanwhile we were laughing and having engaging conversations about history, witches, vampires, prostitutes, and death. If you are on the fence about a tour, this is the one you want. This is not for kids or people who get offended easily. Thank you Mistress G!

Rebecca - San Antonio, TX

"Explore the darker lore and magic of New Orleans with this engaging, knowledgeable, raucous and super fun tour. Georgianna is sassy, fun and a great storyteller. Tons of fascinating facts and fantasy. Deep knowledge of the real magi establishments and lots of great tips for food and revelry."

Amanda - Minneapolis, MN

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“Not all those who wander are lost.”

J.R.R. Tolkien

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New Orleans, Louisiana

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